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Aquatuning AT-Protect Clear 1000ml

Aquatuning AT-Protect Clear 1000ml
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Sisällys: 1000 ml

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Technical details
Color: Transparent
Content: 1000ml
Manufacturer: Aquatuning
Specification: Ready to use
UV - color: Non UV-active
Ready to use coolant which can be poured into the cooling loop without further mixing or...more
Product Information

Ready to use coolant which can be poured into the cooling loop without further mixing or dilution. Specially developed for closed cooling loops, highly effective and long-term stable anticorrosive for PC cooling systems. Suitable for loops with multiple different materials (e.g. Copper, brass, plastics, gaskets). The corrosion inhibitors work effectively and protect your system over a long period of time.
Metering is easy, as AT-Protect is filled into the cooling loop undiluted and without further mixing. To ensure proper functionality of the coolant no additional dilution (e.g. with water) is permissible. AT-Protect is non-odorous, colourfast and non-flocking.
AT-Protect UV clear contains no Gylsantine or glycol and hence does not reduce the heat absorption of the water. It is hence perfect for use in high-performance water cooling systems.

- Low electrical conductivity
- Extra-pure distilled / de-ionized water with an electrical conductivity of 1μS/cm is used in the production of this coolant
- Contains additives against algae and corrosion inhibitors
- Not aggressive against Acrylic, Acetal, rubber or other gasket materials
- Conforms with RoHS regulations

Technical specifications:
Colour: Clear
Fluorescence: No Fluorescence
Content: 1000ml

Contains Benzotriazol (non respirable). Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Note: Manufacturing residues in radiators may lead to unwanted reactions, hence this product must be used with cleaned radiators.

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Für fertig-Flüssigkeiten ein gutes P/L, gute Kühlleistung (über Langlebigkeit kann ich leider noch nix sagen ;) )


Bisher alles Top.


leicht gelblich, hätte es lieber etwas klarer. ansonsten macht es, was es soll.


Super Produkt zum top Preis.


funktioniert einwandfrei trotz niedrigem Preis


Tut was es soll. Gutes Preisleistungsverhältnis.


Preis-Leistung sehr gut



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