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Jos harkitset tuotteen palautusta, älä ota sitä käyttöön. ''Kuluttajaviraston ohjeen mukaan: Kuluttaja voi kokeilla ja tutkia etämyyntituotetta samalla tavalla kuin myymälöissä. Kuluttaja voi avata etämyynnin kodinkonepaketit ja lukea käyttöohjeet, vaikka tuote ei olekaan enää palautettaessa avaamattomassa paketissa. Vaatteita ja kenkiä saa sovittaa. Käyttäminen on eri asia kuin kokeileminen. Tuotetta ei saa ryhtyä käyttämään, mikäli myyjä ei anna siihen erityistä lupaa.'' Aquatuning lupaa ottaa palautuksena vastaan käytettyjä tuotteita!

Kaupan peruminen asiakkaan toimesta:

Kuluttaja-asiakkailla on seuraavanlainen oikeus kaupan perumiseen. Asiakas on kuluttaja, jos hänen Aquatuningille tekemä tilauksensa ei mene kaupalliseen tai ammatilliseen käyttöön.


Asiakkaalla on oikeus perua tilauksensa joko kirjallisena tai palauttamalla tuotteet 30 päivän sisällä ilman, että palautukselle tarvitsee ilmoittaa syytä. 30 päivää aletaan laskemaan siitä hetkestä, kun asiakas on saanut tuotteen kirjeessä, kuitannut sen joko postista tai kuriirilta. Peruaksesi tilauksen sinun tulee ottaa meihin yhteyttä kirjallisesti (kirje/sähköposti) 30 päivän sisällä. Jotta palautus voidaan hyväksyä pitää perumisilmoituksen tai palautettavien tuotteiden olla lähetetty 30 sisällä.
Ilmoitus tilauksen perumisesta lähetetään seuraavaan ositteeseen:

Aquatuning GmbH
CArl-Zeiss-Str. 2
D-33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock  -  Germany
Phone: +49 5207 95846 140 
Fax: +49 5207 95846 222

Palautuksen seuraukset:

Toimeenpannussa palautuksessa kummankin osapuolen saamat korvaukset ja hyödykkeet on palautettava ja tarvittaessa muut kulut (kuten korot) on palautettava myös. Jos palautetut tuotteet ovat huonommassa kunnossa kuin täysin uutena eikä niitä voi enää uutena myydä, asiakas on velvoitettu maksamaan kompensaatiota. Jos tuotetta ei ole ollut mahdollista tarkistaa kuten se olisi mahdollista myymälässä ilman että tuotteen kunto on huonontunut siitä mitä se oli uutena, kompensaatiota ei tarvitse maksaa. Maksun voi siis välttää jos tuotetta ei oteta käyttöön eikä sille tapahdu mitään, mikä heikentää sen kuntoa uuteen verrattuna. Tuotteet, jotka voi lähettää paketissa tai kirjeessä, lähetetään meille. Jos tuote on mahdollista palauttaa kirjeessä, niin se pitää palauttaa kirjeessä paketin sijaan. Sinä vastaat palautuslähetyksen välittömistä kustannuksista. Palautuksesta koituneet maksut pitää maksaa 30 päivän sisällä palautuksesta.

Hereby give notice that (s) I / we (*) from my / us (*) concluded contract for the purchase of the following products (*) / provision of the following services (*)
Appointed on (*) / received on (*)
Name of person / consumer (s)
Address of person / consumer (s)
Signature of / consumer (s) (with message on paper)

(*) Delete where inapplicableEnd of the model withdrawal form

Packaging ordinance

Since the 01.04.2008 can all packaging materials of Aquatuning on the Dual System Germany, the Green Dot, to be disposed of. This also applies to cartons and plastics that do not have green dot is shown. Aquatuning contributes to the cooperation with the Green Dot for the complete proof of the whereabouts of packing material.

We are committed to packaging of products that have been sent before 01.04.2008 and not a symbol of a comprehensive waste management system contribute (eg green dot), to withdraw and to provide for the reuse or disposal. For more information on this please contact us. We can alternatively municipal collection name in your area who receive free packaging.

Postal Address:
Aquatuning GmbH 
CArl-Zeiss-Str. 2 
D-33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock  -  Germany
Phone: +49 5207 95846 140 
Fax: +49 5207 95846 222

Battery Recycling

In connection with the sale of batteries or accumulators or the delivery of equipment containing rechargeable or disposable batteries, we are under an obligation to draw your attention to the Battery Ordinance Disposal according to this: 
Batteries may not be disposed of with household waste. As a consumer, you are legally obliged to return used batteries. You can return old batteries directly at point of sale or at other locations free of charge (eg in municipal collection). You can return used batteries by post to us. Batteries that contain hazardous substances are labeled with the symbol of a crossed-out wheelie bin. 

Please keep this in mind and protect the environment


For Aquatuning your satisfaction comes first. The protection of your personal data is one expressly. We use the data exclusively provided by you to process your orders and to provide a comfortable and smooth shopping experience.
All data collected on this site will be handled strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Information and Telecommunications Services Act (IuTDG). A transfer of personal data to third parties without the express consent of the person concerned does not take place.

What information do we collect?

When you place an order at Aquatuning, you must provide your full name, email address, billing and shipping address and your phone number. Just so we can process your order, perform and keep you informed about your order status to date.

The data that we collect with your purchase, serve only to improve our services and adapt to the demands of our customers. We do not forward your datat to third parties.

What are cookies?

After you have logged in as a customer or be newly registered,  your browser secures the session in the form of so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files and contain information to facilitate the use of our online service. For technical reasons it is not possible to place orders online, if you do not accept any cookies on your computer.

Use of Facebook plug-ins

On these web pages integrate plugins of the social network is used, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook").
If you call with such a plugin provided Internet pages of our website, a connection is established to the Facebook servers and the plugin shown by notifying your browser on the Internet. Though it is transmitted to the Facebook server which of our websites you have visited. If you are logged in as a member of Facebook, Facebook assigns this information to your personal Facebook user account. When using the plug-in functions (eg clicking the "Like" button, submit a comment) this information is also associated with your Facebook account, which can only be prevented by logging out before using the plugin.
For more information on the collection and use of data by Facebook about your rights and ways to protect your privacy, please refer to the privacy policies of Facebook.

Use of third-party payment methods:

Further information about Payolution Datenschutzerklärung für Rechnungs- & Ratenkauf


Aquatuning is Europe's largest dedicated water cooling systems distributor. Thanks to our exclusive contracts and direct distributions from well-known manufacturers, we can offer our customers a huge variety of products at unbeatable prices. We carry products from most major manufacturers and choose new partners carefully. We take care that our high quality standards are met, as well as on the long-term realibility of our partners. This is the only way we can support our customers with competence and convince through our service.

 We clearly distance from dubious manufacturers who try to impress customers or attract attention by manipulated data or who have a bad credit history or a bad reputation. Therefore, we recommend: "What you will not find at Aquatuning, you should not buy elsewhere!"

Therefore, you can be sure that only those products are availible at Aquatuning, that meet our own high quality standards. We also keep a distance of dubious manufacturers that try to impress customers by manipulating performance data, or those producers which excluded themselves due to a poor credit history or a bad reputation as a qualified supplier. We want to be a long-term competent business partner for our customers, and impress through our service.

Quality assurance:
Not every product can be tested by us before sending. We therefore trust to the high quality awareness of our suppliers and manufacturers. But even a 100% control could not provide complete security. This is particularly true for errors that occur later, from breaks or electrical failure. Nor can excluede the wear of products (eg discolouration of hoses, etc.). After years of experience in this area we can see, however, that the quality standards in recent years have increased enormously and today are at a level that barely allows defects.